Your pitch is your story — and you need to tell it brilliantly. It’s a compelling narrative that should take your investor on a journey, which hopefully ends with them keen to get on board. So, when you create your pitch, the first thing you need to consider is the structure you’ll follow. After all, good stories always have a solid structure.

The thing is that many entrepreneurs might arrive at this stage of pitch construction without a lot of experience at crafting compelling narratives. Even those who can hold a room transfixed with entertaining anecdotes might never have sat…

Getting your financial projections right is the key to generating genuine interest from investors, and you need to be smart about it. There’s a balance to achieve between providing forecasting that is realistic and believable but also showcasing the exciting earning potential of your idea.

As much as investors might be repelled by ridiculous numbers that don’t add up, they are also likely to pass on an opportunity that merely has modest returns. Investable entrepreneurs understand this and work hard to strike that balance in their forecasting before they step into a pitch.

There are three fundamentals that investors require…

You may be surprised to learn that plenty of entrepreneurs seeking investment right now don’t have a proper business plan. It’s not as if they’re arriving at meetings empty-handed, they’ve likely come up with all sorts of things to prove their concept and persuade investors. But they haven’t got the one thing that demonstrates how truly investable they are — a believable business plan.

For investors, the absence of a business plan is a big red flag that tells them that this entrepreneur has failed to clear an early hurdle. Persuading them to overlook this and go on to invest…

If you want to create the perfect pitch to position yourself as a genuinely investable entrepreneur, you need to follow a very precise process. There are three critical phases to crafting your pitch, and within them are contained six principles, which together add up to pitch perfection.

Many entrepreneurs embark on their Fundraising Journey without discovering there’s a tried-and-tested method to pitch construction. Those people are likely to struggle as they won’t have followed the formula for pitching success. …

Getting a flat rejection from an investor is going to dent the confidence of any entrepreneur. Some of you might be better than others at getting up and dusting yourself off, but each ‘no’ is likely to shake your confidence a little.

Now and again, you may meet an investor who pulls no punches in dismissing your business entirely, and it stings. So, in the moment of self-doubt as you consider whether it’s worth going on at all, how do you know if you should keep believing in your idea and moving forward?

Here’s some advice on how to escape…

It doesn’t matter how brilliant your business idea is, without the perfect pitch it’s unlikely you’ll win investment. Your pitch is critical to getting you into a room with investors who are sufficiently intrigued to hear your full business plan. So, putting together the perfect pitch requires the right strategy and carefully crafted messaging that contains everything your investors want to hear. Get it right and you can blow away much of the competition and transform your odds of securing investment.

Here are the five objectives your pitch must achieve:

Objective One: Demonstrate that you’re low risk

Every investment involves an element of risk. Experienced investors will…

If you’ve attended one of my Fundraising Strategy Sessions, then you know I talk about your chances of raising investment. And you’ll also know I advocate an Expression of Interest form (EOI) as one of your five key pitch assets to support you in your fundraising journey.

Here’s why:

VC, Speedinvest, recently released data that shows that they received 1,422 pitch decks in 2019. Almost half of those startups were invited for a meeting. But after that, it gets really tough. Speedinvest has a conversion rate of less than 1% from first meeting to term sheet.

These slim odds match…

If you want to win investment, it’s a smart idea to get inside the mind of your potential investors. These shrewd people are likely to be seeing over ten investment opportunities per week, and of those businesses, they’ll only invest in 1%. They know that statistically, around 95% of their investment portfolio will fail. So, understandably, they are laser-focused on finding the elusive 5% of investments that will give them a profitable exit and offset the losses the rest incur.

The question is, how do you convince them that your business could be part of that profitable 5%?

Your pitch…

If you want to get investors to seriously consider backing your business, you need to provide them with a justifiable company valuation. Many pitches fail because of wild valuations that infuriate and alienate potential backers.

An overblown company valuation that can’t be substantiated will damage your credibility. Once you’ve lost the trust of your would-be investors, they’ll likely move on to the next business opportunity. So, getting your valuation right from the start is vital if you want your Fundraising Journey to be successful.

It’s easy to get carried away with the excitement and opportunities surrounding your idea. Understandably, you…

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It may feel strange to talk about leaving your business when you are in the early stages of building it. However, having a clear exit strategy is vital to securing investment and achieving your financial goals. Clarity around your exit enables you to keep a focus on two critical objectives — retaining as much equity as possible and building valuable assets. Together, these are the vital components that will determine the amount of money you walk away with when you leave your business.

Your exit strategy is also an essential part of any pitch for investment. During every round of…

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Marketing Director at Robot Mascot. Specialist in startup marketing - helping founders pitch, launch and grow.

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