Pitch with Purpose: the five objectives you must meet in to win over investors

James Church
4 min readNov 6, 2020

It doesn’t matter how brilliant your business idea is, without the perfect pitch it’s unlikely you’ll win investment. Your pitch is critical to getting you into a room with investors who are sufficiently intrigued to hear your full business plan. So, putting together the perfect pitch requires the right strategy and carefully crafted messaging that contains everything your investors want to hear. Get it right and you can blow away much of the competition and transform your odds of securing investment.

Here are the five objectives your pitch must achieve:

Objective One: Demonstrate that you’re low risk

Every investment involves an element of risk. Experienced investors will balance their portfolios with investments that carry varying degrees of risk so that they still make money, even if some fail. You shouldn’t shy away from tackling the risks associated with your investment opportunity; instead, you need to demonstrate what makes you lower risk than similar deals.

If you’re still in the early start-up phase, it’s likely there’ll be a good deal of risk for an investor. However, if you use your pitch to demonstrate how you’re a lower risk it’ll help your case. In doing this, you present a credible and viable proposition to would-be backers. If your pitch positions you as capable, credible and viable, you’ll differentiate yourself from your direct competition and be more likely to secure the investment.

Objective Two: Make them believe in you

You cannot expect any investor to look at your idea and have blind faith that you’re the person to make it work. Instead, you must give them a good reason to believe in your ability to take this opportunity and make it a big success. Begin by documenting everything you’ve done to date, making sure that you demonstrate how you developed the core skills required for this role.

If you are young or inexperienced in the sector or niche you are pitching in, it’s not a disaster. You just need to prove that you have a team around you who have the desired experience and expertise to help you succeed. Make sure your pitch provides total clarity on your…

James Church

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